Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are you ReADy? Cuz it's time....

It's one of the funnest times of the year in my book! SALE-A-BRATION! How could you not love it? Earning free stamp sets and accessories - it makes my heart go pitter patter! There are three great ways to earn FREE products:
  1. Spend $50 and earn one FREE Sale-A-Bration product of your choice.
  2. Host a workshop of at least $300 and earn one FREE Sale-A-Bration product in ADDITION to the awesome hostess benefits.
  3. Join my Stampin' Up! team during Sale-A-Bration and get 15% off your Starter Kit. PLUS!, get a bonus bundle filled with over $50 in FREE products!

Speaking of joining my team,


Jeanna joined my team this morning. She's taking advantage of the wonderful deal on the Starter Kit - it's 15% off! Plus an additional $50 in free goodies! This is a great time to become a demonstrator!!!

I would like to take a brief minute to tell you why I LOVE this opportunity. First off, I was in a dead end job that I didn't really LOVE. It was a paycheck. I did love the people that I worked with, but the earning and growth potential was nill. Then came the day that our babysitter announced that she was moving away. Her sister was going to take over, so all was fine. Until the day came that her sister decided that she WASN'T going to take over. I had two weeks to find a sitter. I called numerous sitters - 18 to be exact. They were all full, and the one that thought she MIGHT be able to SQUEEZE in both boys (Aubrie wasn't in the picture yet) was going to cost more than what I made. SO, we took a pencil to our finances, and wow - Stampin' Up! was going to bail us out. With a little more Stampin' Up! work, and eliminating daycare expenses, lunch expenses, travel expenses, things were going to be just fine! And they were/are! Now I enjoy my kids (most days!), get to see them grow, and was able to see the day when Aubrie first crawled, when she first stood, etc. These were things that I missed when my boys were in daycare.

But almost more than that, I really love the relationships that I've made with some of my customers. They are more than just customers, they are friends. And I even feel that I've helped form friendships among my customers. I've got 3 different groups of girls that meet every month, and I SO look forward to seeing them every time. It's great to get together with people that have the same interests as I do. We laugh - sometimes so much that we cry, or snort!

Stampin' Up! is more than a JOB - it is truly an opportunity! Where else can you do something that you REALLY LOVE to do? Now I get to go to a job when I want and I love to do it! I also can grow my business to the level I want - it's not a dead end job.

Want to learn more? Contact me!

Back to Sale-A-Bration....

I love helping YOU earn free products, so contact me, and we can set up a workshop for you and your friends. Don't know anyone that likes to paper craft? It's not big deal - there are so many people out there that THINK they don't like to craft, but once they get their fingers a little inky, they discover that it's quite easy and so much fun. Contact me and we'll get a workshop set up for you. I have just a couple of dates left, so do hurry!

I'll be back later with some projects for you to ohhh and aahhhh over.....things are looking a little better around here. Alex is off the couch, but looks about 5 pounds lighter today! My poor little buddy! Guilty, I will confess that it was kinda nice having him sick Sunday and Monday - the house was much quieter than normal. This was his first time with the stomach flu and he was a pretty good little patient.


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