Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Better late than never....

(this one's for you Tami!) ....I'm not always one to post what we create at my Stamp Clubs. I don't really know why, maybe because I want it to be exclusive to all of those that are in my clubs. And I know I certainly don't want to give away the projects before hand....I love a good surprise! But, it has been requested that I post what we did in Stamp Club by some of the members. This way, when they give away their projects, they have something to refer back to. So, I will begin posting our projects - starting with January. They will be under the Stamp Club Projects label on the right side of the blog for you to refer back to from here on out. And while Tami requested I do this some time ago, and I told her I would....it just got hung up on the back burner........like I said....better late than never!!!! {heart} you Tami!!!!
January was based less on technique and more on theme - an organizing theme....It was January, and you know, most of us make (and break) resolutions - organizing is one of the top resolutions made, next to weight loss. How many have given up on their resolutions already? It is March 2nd after all....The first little gem is a covered post it note. Great for sticking in your purse. Who doesn't have a piece of paper handy when needed???
One of the other things we did was cover a note pad - also suitable for a purse, but great for a desktop - and one that looks cute to boot.

To complete the ensemble, we made a birthday card (cuz we can always use a birthday card!). Plus, this whole little set would make an adorable birthday gift. But it would be wonderful for graduation too!

All of the DSP was from Thoroughly Modern, and we used the I {heart} Lists, Vintage Vogue and Well Scripted Stamp Sets. Just too cha-cha for words, wouldn't you say??? (a line from my all time favorite movie - do you know what it is???)

So there you have the projects we made in January! One of these days I'll get the Feb. items up. And since March is here already, well, I'll get March on here. Maybe before I get February done!!!!
Thanks for stopping all....

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Tami said...

Jen, you're the best! Thanks for posting this I've been wanting to make another b-day card like this one but as you know I used mine from stamp club like the next day! I even have all of the items, stamps, punches, etc to make some. Better get busy! Thanks again.