Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Okay gang...we're back in business!

The hustle and bustle has calmed down after all of the holiday hoopla, and I'm ready to buckle down. Due to our recent blizzard, there wasn't a whole lot of hustle - more like a lot of couch time under the blankets with the boys close at hand! After the electricity was restored, the heat turned back on, and a much needed shower....I discovered that the electricity in my craft room wasn't working. UGH!!! It just never seemed to end. Not every room in our house has great lighting (due to the fact that it's a 120 year old house), and the craft room probably has the worst of all. Finally, after Andy spent numerous hours trying to get our driveway cleared, I sent him down to the basement to see what the problem was - an easy fix. Breaker had been flipped - I'm sure caused by the gazillion power surges we had. Then, I go to turn on my computer - no internet service....that took a few days to correct - it was on the providers end, so nothing I could do about it. But trust me, I was trying everything! It had been 5 days without internet and I was feeling like I'd lost all
connection with the outside world! How easily one becomes "in dire need"!

While in boredom, we did have a good time feeding these beauties:

These guys were HUNGRY - they were eating what the squirrels dropped out of their feeder, then once Andy saw them coming up to eat, he started putting out some extra corn for them. The one thing that did was bring on more squirrels too. So, we are now feeding 4 squirrels and 4 rooster pheasants, and tons of other great birds too - Cardinals (my fav!), Blue Jays, Gold finches, Nuthatches, Juncos, and of course, Sparrows! We are a nature family, so this is always entertainment for us!

Okay, yeah, I know, you guys want to see some projects. Well, now that Christmas is over, I can show you this trio of frames I made for my little 6 month old nieces' room:

Frame #1:

Frame #2:

Frame #3:

Here are some detail shots:
I used a combo of DSP, chipboard, some new felt flowers (these go on sale w/ SU! on Jan. 5th!!). You are even getting a sneak peak of some of the new DSP that comes in an awesome, gloriously HUGE pack of paper, and it's a steal!
This butterfly is die cut, and then embossed. I'm coming around on the butterflies - I didn't really like them for a LONG time, but man, they are growing on me....
Aren't these little felt flowers adorable? I just love them - from the moment I saw them.

Making this girly stuff really gets my hopes up for a girl. Guess we'll know in a little over 3 months! Yikes - 3 months!!!! I don't know what to do with girls, but guess I could figure it out. Better not get my hopes up.....
Well, this is the last post of 2009....bye, bye '09. And here's to 2010! Stay tuned tomorrow - 2010 has some great things in store for you - that's right - FOR YOU, my blog followers, my customers, my friends!
I hope that all of you had a great holiday season!
Ta-ta dearies!

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JulieG said...

What sweet little frames!!! They turned out so cute!