Friday, December 11, 2009

Gift goodies

I have a thing for gift packaging...I just love a pretty wrapped gift. When I take sweets to the neighbors at holiday time, I want that to have some good presentation too. One thing my mom got me started on was giving snack mixes instead of candies and cookies. They are easier to make, and just as yummy. My mom is even clever enough to come up with some good names for her snack mixes. So, this year, I purchased these windowed coffee bags, and thought they would be awesome to give some yummy stuff away in. The one pictured here is not filled yet - I need to get to cooking away. Cookies would be awfully cute in this bag tho too!
Here are the tags on the front:

They are glittered with a two way glue pen and dazzling diamonds. C'mon people - you know I almost always have to have 2 things on my projects - ribbon, and glitter!!!!
Here is the entire bag.

Do you see anything that might be a sneak peak???

Here are the tags again, and little closer, just so you can REALLY see the glitter glittering!

Hmmm, now I wonder what yummy item I should fill this with???

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