Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stamped Silly Rewards!

As you read this, my family and I are heading on a much needed vacation to the majestic Rocky Mountains, where we are hoping to find some comfort from this sweltering heat.  I've got a few projects that I've got scheduled to post so as not to leave you completely bored while I'm gone.  Heck - you may actually see more action on my blog while I'm on vacation than while I'm home!  My poor, poor blog.  It's so neglected some weeks.

However, I want to kick this weekend off with a special deal for YOU!  Starting today, July 14th  thru Saturday July 21st, I'm offering DOUBLE Stamped Silly Rewards.  Wondering what those are all about?  Well, click on the link above, or simply click here.  So, this week - when you spend $25 at my ONLINE STORE you can earn 2 smiley faces.  Spend $50, earn 4 smiley faces.  Spend $100, earn 8 smiley faces.  You'll be on your way to free stamps in no time!

Go ahead - shop away, after all - there's something in it for you too!

See you all tomorrow for a new challenge over at The Paper Players blog!

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