Monday, July 23, 2012

Refreshing drink gifty!

Recently I had a hostess do a book party that helped me earn my trip to FIJI (thanks Julie!) and I crafted this little giftable for her.  What I forgot to do was take a pic of the bag I stuck it all in - which was adorable!

I know I've shown these little drink mix packets before - but they were slightly different.  These were a bit simpler to make because I was able to use the Petite Pocket Bigz die for the Big Shot.  No tracing of templates or cutting out.  Just run your paper thru your Big Shot and stick together!  Easy Peasy Puddin' and Pie!  Love that!

This first one was for an Appletini drink mix (all mixes are from Crystal Light).  Done up in Rich Razzleberry to compliment the packaging.  I tried the Appletini - it's a little too apple-y for me.  But I love the colors of the packaging.....

And how about these new punches in the Little Labels Punch pack.  Of course I didn't think I needed them until I saw how cute they were when layered behind buttons!  Wish I would have threaded my button on this one - it would have been much more adorable!

Here's the packet I came up for the Mojito drink.  From a refreshing type of drink perspective, this is my fave!  With or without rum added to it!  It's just crisp and. well. refreshing!  The little packet I made isn't too shabby itself!

Next up - Margarita!  Gotta love a good Margarita.  And I do.  I layered up the outside with one of the new delicate doily dies and a punched out Decorative label.  Fyi - this Margarita mix isn't as lime-y or tart maybe as I would have liked it to be.  Of course, I didn't try it with tequila - maybe that's what I was missin'?

I'll see if I can't find a picture of the bag - cuz it was super cute!

In the meantime - go whip up something cool to drink.  It's blazin' hot here - tired of temps in the 100's and we're praying for rain.  Watching the corn fields burn up is depressing.  I think the last time we had a real shot of rain was June 13th or 14th.  Our crops are suffering, and I won't let Aubrie go in the garden anymore either - she'd get swallowed up by one of the cracks in the dry ground!  So, I'll sit in my air conditioned house and STAMP ON!

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