Monday, July 16, 2012

Above & Beyond!

 Aren't these butterflies in Papillion Potpourri super awesome?  How a bout the coordinating punch?  Love!

 What are you thinking of my color combination?  Anyone feeling a groove with this Summer Starfruit/BasicGrey/Pool Party mix???  I'm kinda hooked on it.  Seems so trendy right now.  And here I went on and on not too long about about how I didn't like Summer Starfruit.  Well, bite my tongue!  I'm diggin it!

How about that little safety pin body and bakers twine antenae?  Sweet!  But my favorite:

A doubled up butterfly and little dahlia body!  Swoon!

And they all come together to create this:

You like?  I'm sending this one to some awesome friends of ours that are taking care of the ranch while we are on va-ca! I have to tell you, without our friends, I would be lost.  They are the greatest.  They help out with our kids when needed, stop at the store when I'm not heading to town.  They are there when we need them to be.  And they definitely go above and beyond.  We love them.


LeAnne said...

OMGoodness, this is a work of ART!!! Beautiful!

Erika Clark said...

That card is so gorgeous, I'm just speechless! The plaid butterfly is my favorite one. What a sweet show of gratitude for your friends!

Lyndal said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous card Jen - my fave is the last one too :)

Tara Cardwell said...

Wow - this is a beautiful card - the detail on the butterflies is amazing - I love the one with the pin body.
Thanks so much for picking my anniversary card on paper players :-)

ArtfullyJune said...

Very cute - I love all the different ideas on how to accent a butterfly punch.