Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scrappy Sunday....

Today is the day I meet with my Scrapbook Club.  While I can't show you yet what we will be working on today...I can share with you what we made last time we met (we meet every other month).  We typically complete 3 12x12 pages.  Here is one of the double page spreads that we made.  Forgive the photography!

left side
right side

These pages used the Tickets and Tags Simply Scrapping kit in the catalog.  I love this set - It's full of hip and trendy patterns and the die cut stickers are awesome!  I have quite a few left overs that I need to play with.

Alright - I must keep at the task at hand....til tomorrow folks!

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Juliana said...

Hi Jen,

I just wanted to say first that I love your ideas, and have been following you in my Google Reader for about a year or so now. In the last month or so, I've noticed that your pictures no longer come through on Reader. Didn't know if you knew that and thought I'd let you know! Thanks for all the great inspiration.