Friday, February 18, 2011

I've fallen....

....but I'll get back up! I know, I KNOW - I promised that I'd blog more in 2011. This month has been horribly crazy. I've dealt with three sick kids - one who was sick twice! And now I'm just getting over the flu, that I had for 3 days! ICK! I'm so ready for spring so I can open up the house and air this place out. Since I started staying at home, we've rarely had sick kids, and in fact I've been healthier than normal, but this month has been full of germs. For two weeks now, I really haven't spent a whole lot of time in my stamp room. I did stamp some Valentine's tags that Will colored for his preschool treats and, have had a couple of workshops, with quite a few more coming up. PLUS - a big GIRLS NIGHT OUT at the Boulder's Inn in Denison on February 26th. If you are attending - we'll be making a cute little something, something that involves CHOCOLATE! If you aren't signed up to attend, well, it sounds like you may be out of luck. I spoke with the organizer this morning and it sounds like the hotel is booked up and they've had to call in a 4th massage therapist just to be able to handle all of the massages going on! It'll be grand fun. I've also got a big event in Sioux City on March 5th to prep for. So, I'll be spending a bit more time in my stamp room over the next weeks!
But for now....I'm off to bed! Gotta get some rest while I can....sorry - no goodies to show today. Hopefully I can get a photography session in tomorrow!

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Cyndi G said...

Woot, Woot! I am one of the lucky ones going to girl's night out with my group of high school girlfriends ... can't wait for next weekend!