Monday, January 24, 2011

Winner Day!

At the last minute, Kathy pulled in with the correct answer to my mysterious card in this post.

Kathy said: The paper strip that the flower magnet is on is really covered metal. :)

She is RIGHT - I covered a small piece of metal sheeting with DSP, and voila - I could stick my magnet onto the card!

Kathy, I will get your prize package into the mail for you - it's sure to contain glitter, so don't let Karen near it!

I would write more, but, after spending all night up with a sick child, who not only kept us up all night, but also christened our bed, I'm just not feeling very witty, or much like sharing today.... so, I'll go back to my routine of helping the crying baby on minute, then helping my poor buddy with his duties, and repeat!

Here's to a better day tomorrow!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Thank you!! I can't wait to see what's in it! Maybe I should wait and open it at Karen's house! What do you think?!? LOL!