Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Bird.

Not that kind of bird, you silly! The kind of bird that sits on a branch and sings so pretty. Like the Cardinals that grace us daily with their beauty, and send my boys running to the window, "Look mom, your favorite ar-di-nal." That would be Alex, who doesn't use a "c", "p" or "t" at the beginning of the words that need them. It takes me a while to figure out when he wants a piece of "oast" in the morning for breakfast. But he's cute, and this just adds to his cuteness. Although, he scares my favorite bird off on a daily basis, I love them, and I love the look of this bird on a branch. So peaceful. So tranquil. Ahhhh, like a warm day in the spring. I'm ready for a warm day in the spring. And I can't believe it. Usually I really like winter. But, I can't be out playing in the snow much this winter, as it's too cold to take Aubrie out. Will loves to play out in the snow (like me!) but won't go out by himself. And Alex doesn't like to go out without Andy. So, we're usually all cooped up in our house, growling at each other by, well 8:30 in the morn! Oh well, spring days will come soon enough.

Let's take another look at this card. Hmmm. What's missing. Umm. Color. Oh. And DSP. Yep. And a button or two. How about that! I did it. Almost a single layer card. But I had to go and throw that ribbon in there. And some dimensionals. They are popping up the card front. But, how about that textured paper? It's kinda rocking this card wouldn't ya say?

So clean. Very simple. So elegant really.....swoon. I think I'm in love!

Feel free to comment. I'd love it if you would.....


Cyndi G said...

I love this card Jen! ... of course, with the exception of the bird. :) I like your design/layout and the neutral color tones and the textured paper, as you said, "really rocks!"

Julie G said...

I love this card too...the simplicity is just so darn CLASSY (just like you :D) I need to get my stuff organized so I can play better!