Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cupcake Celebration!

Helloooo!! Is anybody there??? I think my comment button is broken? Did anybody read this post where I'm giving away blog candy for a correct answer...
or how about this post where I introduced my Monthly Card Kits....

For those of you that did order card kits, I'm in the process of packing them up, and will get them in the mail at the end of the week! Hope you'll love them, and would love to have you post pics back here to the ol' bloggo!

On with today's program....back to my fave stamp set - Crazy for Cupcakes....I heard on the Nate Berkus show the other day that cupcakes could get pushed out this winter by tarts. Seriously, tarts? I don't know that you could cute up tarts they way you can cupcakes. I'm just gonna pretend that lady didn't ever say that. Speaking of the Nate Berkus show....I don't watch a lot of TV - usually because I can't stand the excess noise anymore (there was a time when I'd have to have the TV on FOR noise, then I had 3 kids....)...I stumbled onto the Nate Berkus show one afternoon, and HOLY COW! This guy has some FAB ideas, seriously FAB! I am really tempted to take some pics of my house and send them to him to get a little bit of major help! I just don't know which room I'd start with. I wonder if he'd come and do a whole house makeover. Cuz I really need it. There was one time when I considered myself a good decorator. Then I had 3 kids. And they brought with them mountains of toys. And laundry. All I can say is, my poor house! Someday it will be glorious again! When the toys go away!

Back on track....Crazy for is one of my faves, and I love it colored brightly, I love it colored, I'm going for BRIGHT! I picked the colors up from a Moxie Fab Color Challenge over on the Moxie Fab Blog . I think I love the way Tangerine and Rose Red just go together so well. Bright, but not overly bright. Just fun.

I really like this card for the fact that I've paired some Jackie O houndstooth with the whimsical cupcake stand. Class and whimsy....ah, such joy!

So, let's celebrate folks. How about by using that little comment button below there. Yah, that one. Just click on it, type in a fun comment. It's not so hard. You'll feel so much better when you do!!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't ignore the offer for blog candy, but I didn't have a clue. I was waiting for the answer though :)


Cyndi G said...

You do like that cupcake stamp don't you! ;) And such bright, fun colors. Might have to find out when the Nate show is on ... sounds like something I'd enjoy too.

Cath said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for entering the Bright & Bold challenge in the Color Inspiration for Card Makers Week suite of six challenges in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)