Saturday, April 25, 2015

Graduation guest book idea

Howdy Friends!  I've got something a little different to share with you today. 

We had a graduation part yo attend last night for a sweet gal that lives in the same town as us. (Remember - there are only about 300 people that live in our quaint little town!  We are a fairly tight knit community).  They had called me to create a guest book for the event. 

I like to do things a little out of the ordinary. In my stash of stuff I had this jar that I'd transformed a couple of weeks ago. 

When I showed them the jar, they liked was in the colors she was using to decorate the hall with. However we needed something bigger.  So I called up my canning friends - another community thing we do!  I was in need of a bigger jar.....

We found a couple jars and I spray painted them in the silver metallic paint. Then onto the decorating part. I added the S with some leftover gems they had from their decorations. Some festooning (that's the fluffy white stuff), a bright pink flower - technically Melon Mambo - I die cut it with a retired die, a bit of black chevron ribbon, some Pom Pom trim, tie it all together.  

I had two jars so decided that I just as well glam it up too!  

This one got a glitter job!  I taped off the bottom of the jar then coated it with Mod Podge. I removed the tape, and sprinkled glitter on.  I did have to go back over some areas with more Mod Podge and glitter where the glitter didn't stick real well. One this was dry, I added some glitter tape.  This covered up some areas that got wrecked when I pulled off the original tape from the Mod Podge.   For some reason I couldn't get the paint to dry on this jar, so when I pulled up that first tape, a little paint came with it. Anyway.... That glitter tape covered it up just fine!  I took the jar outside and coated the glittered area with come acrylic sealer so the glitter wouldn't fall off. This worked really slick!  Lastly I added the bow around the lip of the jar. It's Stampin' Up! Silver glitter paper and the bigz bow die. 

Of course we needed a message so folks knew what they were to do.....a duded up a binder clip in her signature colors....something I figured she may also find useful in days to come!  

On her table we put out some plain Project Life cards for people to use. I showed her how she can later put those messages into an album and include pictures if she wants to.  

In the end it was super cute and it was something different than your average guest book. 

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