Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Flower Fest

Have I ever mentioned that I hate being sick?  I always feel like spending a day sick on the couch is such a waste of time.  

And No.

I know that one must mend themselves back to health.....so, taking a sick day is necessary.....but this month - I've been sick TWICE!  And not just wasting one day on the couch, but FOUR total days!  UGH!

Our house is ready for it to be warm enough to throw the windows open and air this house out!  I was sick at the beginning of the month with a stomach flu thing - I feel lucky, because my hubster had it for an entire week!  Then my son Alex got it.  I made sure I went and grabbed some Pepto for him tho.....I didn't want him sick that long.  Then my daughter Aubrie caught something - not exactly sure what but ran a fever for 2 days, then a cough from you know where.  Well.....that's what I ended up with.  We have not had a week in April with everyone healthy - double UGH!

I'm not sharing for sympathy.....I'm sharing because it made me realize that a card like today's card would be something nice to have on hand when I hear that others are sick.  It's bright and perky - something to cheer a sick one up.

FYI - I'm coming up with a new slogan - April sickness brings May cheerfulness!  (let's hope!)

Hope you all are having a healthy week!  

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