Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On my way... warmer (hopefully) weather.  Houston here I come!  That's where our Stampin' Up! Leadership is this year. I can't wait!  Time to meet up with some old friends and I hope to make some new ones too.  For the time being, and I I sit waiting in the airport, I'll share a recent project with you. Just keep in mind these photos are unedited and it's been dreary in Iowa so the colors may appear off a bit!   

So - these pop up cards have been rather popular and I made several at Christmas time to sell at Craft Fairs, etc. I made adjustments to mine tho so that it would pop up a gift card!  

I decided to create more for my Etsy shop - this was the first. I'll have more over there when I return to the tundra. 

I hope to post often from Leadership so please stay tuned. They may come in bits and pieces. And it may even be easier to post to my Facebook page - so be sure that you are following Stamped Silly on Facebook!  

That's it for now folks!  

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