Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rain or Shine....

When you are under the weather, isn't a bright cheery card just what you need?  That is what I had in mind when I created this number.  The inside says....rain or shine.

This is a card that we created at my Stamp Clubs this month. To create the pink splatters, I simply "smooshed" (another word for squeezed!) a closed ink pad together to create a pool of ink on the lid.  Then used a really wet aqua painter and dabbed it on.  I'd like to use the word "smooshed" for that technique too...but since I've already used it, I suppose that's a bit too much!  Anyway....as I dabbed on the color, I had a kleenex or napkin handy to blot the excess off right away.  The more I dabbed, the lighter the color got, so I'd go and grab some more ink off the lid.  This is how the variation in the color came to be, which I am thrilled with!

Please note, the umbrella is embossed with Black Embossing powder.  I tried White and Clear, but the ink seemed to bleed through regardless.  Black worked best.

For the background, I used the Honeycomb Embossing folder and splattered on some homemade spritz - I used White Shimmer Paint and rubbing alcohol.  I thought it continued the rain appeal on the card.

What are your thoughts?  Would you like this card in the mail if you were under the weather?  What other occasion would this be appropriate for?

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SeeJulieStamp said...

What a fun way to showcase the umbrella!