Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sweet Sunday Sketch!

Howdy!  I made some time today to actually play along with a little sketch!  It's been a while!  I always love Karen's sketch why not start there?

This was the card I came up with.  If I would have been able to get to my sewing machine, I probably would have added some stitching to the pennants, but it's buried by "stuff".  I love these long pennants tho!  I'll be using this sketch again....

On another son Will hit a milestone tonight after supper!  He lost his first tooth!!!  It was a long time coming... I think it's been loose for quite a while, and the other tooth is up behind where the loose one was and has been for a while.  I think that's a sign that there will be braces in his future!  For the time being tho, the little tooth fairy needs to put her wings on and go sprinkle some fairy dust!  Wonder what the going rate is for teeth these days?

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