Tuesday, April 10, 2012

in my thoughts....

Howdy folks!  How've ya all been???  It's been a while!  Things are finally slowing down a bit here.  Since the last time, let's see, I've been confirmed into the Catholic Church, my sweet little daughter turned 2!, our Church had a Comedy Cabaret, which I was on the committee - with 2 others, I spent a weekend at a scrapbook convention, and attended the open house for Woodbine Artisan, a new art studio where I am teaching several classes.  I'm sure there are several other things....but that's all I can think of right now.

This card is a card I am sending to my Great Aunt Naomi.  My Great Uncle Don passed away last night.  He was my Grandpa's brother, and I know the two of them are now together again picking on my Great Grandma!  They were ornery fellows and had a great time teasing people - always all in good fun!  I spent a lot of time at my Great Aunt and Uncle's house when I was growing up, so am sad to know that he is gone, but on the other hand, am glad he is done suffering.  He had diabetes and recently had the MRSA virus attack his body.  My Grandpa also had MRSA and it's an evil, evil virus!  Blech!
Anyway - I had to include some felt on this card, and know that my Aunt will "get it".  Uncle Don was ornery, as I mentioned, and constantly was pinching me asking if my shirt was felt.  Pinch.  "Is that felt?"

Whacha think?  Do ya like???  I really like that flocked black DSP from Mocha Morning....wonder why it took me so long to cut into it???

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