Friday, February 25, 2011

Sweet Silky Stems....

This month's technique at our monthly Stamp Clubs was the Faux Silk technique. I love the softness this adds to a card - and while you can't see it real well in the photo above, to touch and feel it, it does feel like silk. This is a pretty simple technique that can be applied in multiple ways. If you'd like to learn several techniques, contact me to join my Monthly Stamp Clubs. I have three clubs that meet in three different locations, Defiance, Denison and Schleswig. We are constantly laughing, learning, chatting, having fun - so why not get yourself included! Oh, I forgot to mention - we typically EAT!!!

Here is the complete card that we did:

We also made another card and a gift bag with this same tech.
Okay - I better get a move on - I've got 60 make and take packets to make up for our Girls Night Out Festivities tomorrow night!!! Oh the fun we will have....

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