Saturday, December 11, 2010

WOW!!! I have been absent from this poor ol' blog!! Jeez - I didn't realize it had been so long...SORRY FOLKS! But, as life gets busy, something's gotta give, and unfortunately, the blog is the thing that gets neglected!
What have I been up to? Well, November was really packed with workshops and Stamp Clubs, Scrapbook Clubs, etc. I started December with a Vendor Fair, and so was working like a little elf getting ready for that. Andy and I went and picked up a Christmas tree, I got it decorated (somewhat - STILL not finished) while he spent 3 days deer hunting. I have warned him that I've got a payback weekend was a weekend where I found great respect for single mothers. The day after deer hunting, Andy and I spent a day Christmas shopping. And the rest of this week, well, I prepped for another workshop and the monthly Stamp Clubs. One of these days I'll get my Christmas gifts made (the ones that I'm making anyway) and everything wrapped up.
Now, today....well, we've had a major blizzard hit us today. Which I love by the way. There is something about a blizzard that sends me running to every window once an hour to check the snow. However, almost all of our windows today are completely covered in snow. I had to open the door a couple of times just so I could see what was going on out there. While I do like a good winter storm, I am VERY thankful that we did not lose electricity! I've gotta be warm! So, do you know what a good storm makes for? GOOD STAMPING! I didn't photograph what I worked on today yet. But, I decided to just stamp for fun. No Christmas cards, no agenda. I just played with my paper and ink. It was refreshing. And it helped that everyone else was sleeping at the same time - Andy included.

So, while I don't have much to show you but the card's an improvement! This card was quite simple. The pine branch is from the Autumn Days set, which I simply inked and stamped several times. Added a strip of Old Olive ribbon to "hide" the connections of the branch, and stamped "Noel". Can you say Easy Peasy. Sure you can. Easy. Peasy!

Good night....Andy says it's time to hit the hay. He must not like me coming to bed at 11:30 and waking him up with my cold toes!


JulieG said...

It's about time :D Just kidding!I love this set...the cards we did last year at the stamp a stack using this pine cone was so simple and elegant! I am glad to be back home...and even more glad we had Chris's truck and he was driving (he didn't even mind my backseat frontseat driving!) I unmounted a BUNCHA stamps and plan to play some more tomorrow!

Cyndi G said...

Simple yet elegant ... works for me. I really do like this card and since I have this set, maybe it's the inspriation I needed to get started on my cards!