Monday, November 29, 2010

Two More Days to Save! + My Digital Monday

Hiya! You still have two days left to save big on my website!


The one big item you may want to consider is My Digital Studio. It is half off, and only until tomorrow! There are also several digital downloads that are on sale! I've been hearing from several of you that already have MDS, and are loving it! This is great to hear. I asked one customer yesterday, who bought MDS after struggling with Snapfish, if she thought it was easier and quicker than Snapfish. Her response? Yes and a lot cheaper, I am happy! She whipped up an entire album and sent it to the printer - she's only had her software for about a week and a half!!! How's that for ease of use? I didn't have to guide her but on how to get it to the printer. Another customer - she's done 40 pages in 2 days! YEAH - 40 PAGES!!!

Need to get rocking on a graduation album? This will get you there!

Need a gift idea for a tween or teen? This is sure to be a hit!

Wanna make some awesome, one of a kind gifts? MY DIGITAL STUDIO BABY!!!

Speaking of I dittied up a journal cover in MDS - wouldn't this make a sweet new baby gift???

Just need to print it and attach it to a journal. And guess what folks? Other than the picture - this was already done within the software - it was a designer template. I just added the pic. Easy Peasy!
So, hop on over to my website and get some of your holiday shopping DONE!!!
That's all for today folks!

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