Monday, May 4, 2009

I know what your thinking!

Your thinking that since I gave myself the challenge of showing you lots of scrapbook pages this month, that I've just given up - right??? I actually did a scrapbook page over the weekend (Friday night/Saturday) for the workshop I did on Saturday. And I will post it - I just haven't taken the photo yet. In fact, I haven't completely unpacked my goods from Saturday's workshop. It was so nice outside this weekend, warm, sunny, no breeze - and I really needed to get a lot of stuff done outside, so I took advantage of it. I made hay while the sun shined! The boys and I were outside yesterday at 8 am, planting sweet corn, pulling weeds, cleaning up flower beds, playing baseball. We even made a trip to town to go to the park. It was a great day. Although - I realize why I typically like to use naptime as my stamping time - by body is feeling the wrath of some physical labor!
Anyway - I will be back with some goods to show you!

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