Monday, April 13, 2009

Some good info for you scrappers...

I found this article on a fellow demonstrator's blog and thought I would share with those of you that scrapbook:

Stamping on your scrapbook pages
Stamping in your scrapbook pages - by Angela Anderson - Independent SU Demo

When I first started scrapbooking, I had to have every single patterned paper and sticker I set my eyes on. I had to have all the latest designs and everything cute. I had to have every font sticker, in every color and sometimes I had to buy extra just to make certain I didnt run out. Over the past six years, my scrapbooking has matured, my tastes have run the gammot and I have finally arrived at a scrapbooking style that incorporates the use of rubber stamps.

I have discovered that using rubber stamps on your scrapbook pages can be both fulfilling and economic. Stamps can easily be incorporated into a title, to add to your title, or even use letter stamps to stamp your title, with perfect placement. Stamps are so versatile because they can be tailored to any layout or color. No need to buy your favorite stickers a hundred times, in every color imagagineable, buy stamps in the font you like and use them over and over and over, making them any color or combination of colors to suit your needs. Gone are the days of running out of the letters you need, with stamped letters, you always have the letter you need. Stamps are such an economical solution for scrapbookers. A set of quality letter stamps can last a lifetime and a pad of ink or set of markers to customize your letters will last virtually forever. With Stampin' Up's in color options, your color options can be virtually endless!

Stamping with rollers can make great backgrounds. For example, My ABC's and Dotted lines rollers (From Stampin' Up! )are fabulous options to create customized journaling blocks on your layouts. Again, you can make any color journaling space, you can make it as long or as short as you want.

With virtually any image, and some versa-mark ink, you can create gorgeous patterned paper with a water mark. Better yet, if you choose an ink color to coordinate with your cardstock, you can make beautiful custom paper. Turn the image, flip it, stamp only a part of it, use a darker color, a lighter color, you can customize your paper to suit your needs. Again, if you own the stamp and the ink, you can never run out of the custom design.... Just make some more.

Another wonderful use for stamps is to create your very own stickers. Stickers are all the rage in scrapbooking, why pay more than $1.00 for a pack of flower stickers when you can buy a stamp one time and have flowers for a life time. Buy a beautiful set of stamps and you can create tons of images, in any color you need. Stamp your image in your desired color, cut it out and run it through your xyron.... wala! Your very own, custom made stickers. Not only is your scrapbook page an original, but, it's thrifty too!

Roller stamps can also make great borders. Again, you can make custom border in any color. Use a regular stamp and repeat the image over and over across your cardstock to create a unique custom border. Rubber stamps can be an expectedly welcome edition to your scrapbook stash. Once you learn different techniques and add them to your scrapbooking tool box, you to can find the benefits of rubberstamping in your scrapbooks.

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How do you incorporate rubber stamping into your scrapbook pages? I have some great Stampin' Up! Blog candy for the most creative answers!

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