Thursday, April 2, 2009

Get Connected!

I fondly remember when I was a little girl the letters that I would write and send to my aunts and to my grandparents. I would draw them pictures, or even make them cards. My Aunt Marilyn recently sent me an envelope full of things I had sent her over 30 years ago. That tells me that it was meaningful to her - she has saved them all of these years!
While, in these economic times, people are spending less on gifts, it is still nice to give something - anything. My mom recently told me about a gift she gave to a friend of hers. It was a paper box that she'd made and filled with candy. She said that the recipient loved it and commented to her that it was so nice to receive a gift that wasn't purchased at a store, with the mentality "Oh, this will do!"
People appreciate the heartfelt effort that goes into sending a handwritten letter. It means much more than an email ever does. Do you know how much more it means when they receive a handmade card? How many people do you know that print out an email or text message to save for later reading? I have a stack of notes from my husband from our early dating years. And so does he. Not a one of them is an email.
This is the thought behind this month's Stampin' Up! promotion. Get connected with your friends and family. Send them a simple handcrafted card. Instead of going out and buying an expensive gift, make them something meaningful. How about a name frame? Or stamp a set of personalized cards that they can turn around and use? Make a cute little gift box. None of it has to elaborated or complicated. Just make it meaningful.
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