Monday, January 5, 2009

I'mmmm Baaaackkkkk!

And I'm back with Name Frames Galore! Take a lookie at what Santa delivered to all the little ones in my family this year...well, okay have a look at a couple of them for now. More to be posted later - I'd hate to inundate you with oodles of name frames at once! Might as well drag it out and make it more fun for your enjoyment! These were quite simple, and not terribly labor intensive. I used various chipboard letters, and some Simply Scrappin' Kits from day gone by (read: long ago retired!). And lots of Designer paper of the same nature. I have to say tho, I did not stray from Stampin' Up! Aren't you proud. It may be vintage Stampin' Up, but it's still SU!
Sorry for the blurry photo - I think Alex was pulling on my pant leg when I was trying to be photographer extrodinairre! And, if I didn't spell that right - well, sound it out, the word sounds like what I typed...yeah - I hear you sounding it out, that's X-tro-din-air. There - why didn't I just spell in like that to begin with - you know, Jan Tink style???
This shows the close up of the flowers - which btw are all die cuts. They made my life easy. I pierced the stems.

Grady is the newest addition to the Mitchell clan. He's super cute with a TON of hair. Very dark hair. Very dark spikey hair. At Christmas Will was asking his mom if we could keep him. I think Alex wanted to keep him too. He couldn't get enough. Anyway - here's his name frame. I didn't want it too babyish, because I wanted them to be able to keep it in his room for a while. Yet, it still needed that baby feel. I think I achieved what I was going for.

Alright - my hubby says that I must hit the hay now or he'll ban me from my bedroom. (he hates when I go to bed after he's fallen asleep, b/c then he wakes up and can't get back to sleep - please send him your sympathy) I'll post more name frames in the days to come! Ta-ta!

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