Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gee Thanks! w/ Really Good Greetings

I know I've mentioned it before - I love the new set from Stampin' Up! - Really Good Greetings.  I also really like the Mosaic Madness set - just for the fact that it's so modern and fresh.  It's got a classic feel, and yet very graphic.  Prepare yourself for many more ideas with these two stamp sets.

This is a card that I CASE'd from Stampin' Success. That's a magazine that demonstrators get from Stampin' Up! and it's full of great project ideas, samples and techniques too.  A great added perk to being a demonstrator.

The frame on this card was very easy to create using the Stampin' Trimmer.  I love the Stampin' Trimmer so much that I've pushed aside my guillotine cutter and use the Stampin' Trimmer instead.  That is saying a LOT!  because I love my guillotine cutter, and still use it when I need to cut multiples.  Since the Stampin' Trimmer has ruler guides on the flap/holder/thing-a-ma-bob, cutting frames is a cinch!   Just decide how thick you want your frame to be, in this case 3/4", set your paper at the 3/4" mark to the right of the cutting slot, set your blade at the 3/4" mark on the flap/holder/thing-a-ma-bob and cut until you are 3/4" from the bottom. Turn your paper 1/4 turn and repeat.  Continue to repeat until you are all the way around and have a hole cut.  And the bonus here - same as yesterday's post - you are left with a scrap that you can do something else with!  No paper wasted!

I hope you like today's card - do me a favor and share with your friends!

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