Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We had Christmas in July....

Christmas in July Card class that is! And today, I'm going to share the cards that we made so that you can see what you missed out on!!!

First up is one of my favorites - I just love the nostalgic look of these carolers in the A Christmas Carol set. I opted to only color the little boy. I wanted him to stand out among the rest - and it worked. He just looks like he's giving it his all!

I do think that next time I will use the music wheel in the background on this one! Is it just me tho - is the guy playing the bass a little on the creepy side???

Card #2:

Nothing really over the top here...but I do love the ruffled ribbon flirting out from under the sentiment section!

Card #3:

I was having a hard time incorporating that blue plaid that comes in the Letters from Santa DSP. I'm too traditional! In the end tho - I really like this card - almost the best. We used Irredescent Ice EP on the ornaments - it gave some extra pizzazz!

Card #4:

A little woodgrain, some snowflakes and a Merry Christmas!

Real stitching or faux? Faux it is! Some paper piercing does the trick on making it look really real!

Card #5

Clean, simple, and sparkly! Right up my alley - look ma - no DSP! OMGoodness and no buttons! What the....someone take my temp...I must be sick!

Sparkles on here were easy - some Crystal Effects and Dazzling Diamonds. However, just hold onto your hats, because SU will have an even easier solution for this starting Sept. 1 - Dazzling Details!!! It comes in a little bottle - liquid glitter.....watch for it. I think you'll see a lot of it in your future.

Card #6

Snowflakes stamed with Frost White shimmer paint - my stamp must have had some residual ink on it b/c it stamped a little on the Pink Frost White side???

That's all for today folks....Merry Christmas!

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