Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bye-Bye Big Shot... Pyramid Pals....

So....That title is a little odd. 
Let me explain!
Last night I had an epiphany, and went to go die cut something with my Big Shot and *SNAP* my Big Shot went.  Maybe more like *POP*.  Anyway - it made a noise and my gut turned over. My head spun around.  I about fainted.

"NO," I said outloud.  "Don't even go there."  

But certainly, as I tried to crank the handle of the Big Shot, it wouldn't move anything but the top cutting plate.  UGH!!!  What's a girl to do?  

I had already warned my husband that I was going to lock myself in my craft room all weekend and to not expect to see me unless he dared to enter.  Well.....that's still going to happen - but what I had PLANNED to create isn't.  (for the time being!)  

FYI - when things go wrong, we typically lean on our Mom - right. mom to the rescue.  She's going to be gone all week, and so my hubby is running over to her house to kidnap her Big Shot.  (He may just reclaim his title of Prince Farming! - he lost the title recently after irritating me repeatedly.  Altho - he did put a new electrical outlet and a handy holder for my heat tool in my craft room yesterday.....he's gaining ground!)

Alright - sooooo..... the last project that my Big Shot had the pleasure of assisting me with was this guy:

 As you know - we live on a farm in Iowa - and we do raise cows.  

However, we raise Black Angus - and creating a black angus cow with this new die would result in a black triangle with some protrusions!  Therefore, I opted to create a dairy cow.  You typically don't see a lot of dairy cows in Iowa - but we do have some.  More so on the eastern part of the state. 
This guy is pretty cute.  My lil' Aubrie loves this - she was so upset that I created it while she was at school, so I promised that we would make some more this weekend.  She's been itching to create some of these. That will now depend on when Prince Farming comes with that kidnapped Big Shot.

FYI - new Big Shot has been ordered and we'll be anxiously awaiting his - or her - arrival!

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Cary said...

Sorry about your Big Shot... may it Rest In Peace! Your Pyramis Pal is ADORABLE! XXXOOO

Anonymous said...

Ooh I did the same thing to my Big Shot trying to cut the new valentine die. Found a pin on pinterest, my husband took it apart, ordered a new bearing ($23.00) put it back together and it works like new. Send it to the Big Shot hospital.