Monday, December 7, 2015

Berry Basket - not just for Berries!

Hello there!  Something a little different on the blog today~!  YAY!

However....IF I can get thru this post without falling asleep is going to be nothing short of a miracle!  No joke.  I've fallen asleep 4 times while editing my photos!  In just a half and hour! 

I have a serious sleep issue.  I can tell the time by it.  At 9:15 every night, my restless leg starts to act up and then I get super sleepy.  Sleepy enough that no matter what I do - I'll fall asleep while doing it!  Most of the time I cave and just go to bed.  But I've been trying to break the, I'm trying to work thru it.   "It's" winning!

Alright - let's get on with the show!

Let me tell you how these little baskets came to be...My sister in law is a teacher and is always wanting cute little gifts to give her aides and teacher friends.  This is what I came up with for some of her little gifts.  

I just love that poinsettia on the front of the basket.  And this time of year Pool Party and Real Red are some of my go to colors!  They just work so darn well together!

Before you jump into creating these ADORABLE Berry Baskets, let me give you a couple of tips.

1) Cut your berry basket from Whisper White Thick Cardstock, AND the color that you want the basket to be. I did this to help make the basket more sturdy - and it REALLY does make all the difference in the world. Use the white thick one on the inside, and the colored one on the outside.
2) Since you've cut the Die at least twice with the Thick Card Stock, be sure to use the Thick Cardstock as the portion that goes around the top of the basket.


So there you have it - I couldn't make it any longer, and officially fell asleep.  Good news tho - I'm back at it this morning - with coffee in hand.  Maybe I need to up my coffee game - I just drink half caff these days - maybe I should go all out!

Anyway - as I was saying before being so rudely interrupted - 

I've created this box using two thicknesses of cardstock.  You'd be amazed at how much sturdier they are when you line the inside with the Thick Whisper White Card Stock.  

It's sturdy enough now that I've got 4 packets of cocoa in there - 2 Starbucks and 2 Ghiradelli (which btw - are thick and loaded! and heavy!)  I've also included a couple of candy canes - I've forgotten the marshmallows - but will go back and add them in a little mini cello.

I really think this will make an adorable gift for teachers, neighbors, friends, Secret Santa, etc.  Those people that you need to let know they are special to you. 

Here's a close up of the tag - It's a copy from yesterday's card.  I just changed it up a little bit!

Oh - and the cello bag.  I tried and tried AND TRIED to use the Stampin' Up! ones, but I just couldn't get them to work right.  They aren't wide enough.  So, my mom came to the rescue.  She's also a curator of creative gifts and had plenty of bigger cello bags on hand.  I had to create a flat bottom in them, using some of the white cardboard that comes in our Designer Series paper as the bottom to keep it's shape - but it worked well.  I could almost make a wider basket to fit in these bags.  

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