Monday, October 19, 2015

Reason for the Season Cafe Bag Makeover!

I love gorgeous packaging for the holidays!  And....I love that I can create some myself.  The Reason for the Season set from Stampin' Up! really makes this a breeze. 

I'll admit - I wasn't going to order this set or punch.  It was almost last on my wish list.  I think next catalog, I'll shop from my wish list in reverse order.  Cuz, I love this set now.  And the punch.  And all that you can do with it!  It's to die for!  

I mean - c'mon - check out this poinsettia....

I think it's beautiful.  The little bag is now perfect for giving a small gift - some lotion....homemade cookies....candies....perfume....

You name it - it'll be a hit in this bag.  Plus our cafe bags are food safe and coated with a protective lining, so no oily mess from those yummy homemade goodies will seep out.

Here's something else that's to die for:

Click photo above to see what the fuss is all about!
Glad you all stopped by today!  Hope you like my little gift bag!

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thepapercraftaddict said...

How did you attach the glitter to the petals? I think this is a beautiful bag and I love what you've done with the flower punch!