Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Back at it.....

Ahhhh.....it feels so good to spend some time back in the craft room and just create!  Sometimes I think I get so hung up on what I really HAVE to do (even regarding what needs to be crafted for this or for that) that it drags me down and I lose my creative juices.  Once in a while I need to create something just because!  It does help me - and while it's not what I SHOULD be working on, it gives me motivation and inspiration.  

And that's where today's card(s) came from.  I should have been working on some projects that NEED to be done, but I was feeling uninspired, lackluster....you get the drift, right?

This card was pretty simple, and yet I looked at the new pack of Sweet Sorbet DSP (Sale-a-Bration 2014!!!) and thought - 

Yikes!  I can't work with this stuff.  I mean look at that black pattern on the front of the card - WOW!  Vivid, bold - FUN!  In those cases I have to remember that less is more.  Use those bold patterns in small quantities.  That way they won't overwhelm.

For this card I even did some fun stuff on the inside - not very typical for me....but I love it, and will hope to finish off my cards more often!

Because I'm a Libra - and don't like to make decisions - I decided to make the same card using a black card base.  And....I can't decide which one I like better.....they are both good....

Which one do you like better?

I'd love to stick around and chat - but this girl has a new refrigerator coming today!  I'm excited as a new puppy!  I've wanted a new fridge for YEARS!  Finally, I just ordered one.  Here's what's really crazy - we measured our old fridge (a used one we've had for 12+ years!) and it's only about 15cu feet.  That's a small fridge for a family of 5 - that small!  The new one is 22 cu ft.  I'm gonna feel like I could get lost in it....

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BeautyScraps said...

I love both, but the blue one might be the winner :) I love what you did on the inside! I never stamp the inside, but it finishes it so nicely!