Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Technical Tuesday! Scrappin' with the Studio!

I think I'm on a good mission folks!  If I keep up with this Technical Tuesday scrapping thing, I might just have a book made  before we know it! 
I almost didn't do my page last night, I was tired and grouchy - and you know I'm grouchy when I make it a point to tell my husband that I am.  He said to me, "Oh your a little B*#$&!?"  I said, "No, I'm grouchy, you better be nice or I will become B*#$&! !"  To me there is a big difference!
It was just a long day, and frankly, I just wanted to crawl into bed and close my eyes. The kiddos were driving me bonkers, it's harvest season, so I'm practically a single mom.  I couldn't get the things I wanted to work, to work....There was a mountain of laundry that needed to be done....you know..... all those things add up and make us grouchy! 

I opted to sit in the living room with my hubby and chat.  I grabbed my laptop and we chatted while I scrapped.  We also kinda got roped into The Blacklist.  I hadn't watched that yet - and it was good.  Kind of reminded me of Alias, which I used to love!  Anyway....during the commercials, I put this page together:

Seriously - during the commercials!  Now, how easy is that!   

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