Thursday, September 5, 2013

You say tomato....

Howdy folks!  Have a super quick post today! Ended up with a little kiddo home sick from school.... Let that season begin! I had to leave him home with Dad while I ran Aubrie up to preschool, grabbed some groceries, came home and unloaded and tried to get my kitchen ready for a day of Salsa Canning with my parents!  
I'm beginning to feel like a canning pro!  My girlfriends and our husbands have been canning every weekend for the past three or four weekends ( I've lost track!). My house has the largest kitchen so it's become the canning factory. Plus, all the jars of goodies stay here until they've cooled - overnight. 
That gives the Stamping Fairy time to add a quick, but oh so sweet label on all of the jars!  I think they've come to really enjoy the labels. I try and change up the labels for each thing we make. However-we made SO much tomato soup (which rocks btw!) I had to change them up here and there!  
I've enjoyed making the canning experience a little more special with my little labels.
And - yeah -I kept them pretty simple just for the fact I knew that they'd be sitting on our cellar shelves and the lids will just get tossed in the end. If I were to give a jar of salsa as a gift, I'd really doll it up. 
This little label tho has my friends fooled into thinking I've spent oodles of time on them. We'll let them think that!!!

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