Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Techie Tuesday!

Hey there!  How's everyone today?  I'm a little late getting this up today b/c I've got a sick little Aubrie.  Of course, we also have Will's school Christmas Program tonight.....which is great luck.  We'll be flipping the coin later to see who gets to stay home with the munchkin!  Momma's kinda sad about that.  I don't want any of us to have to miss it.

Anyway....let's talk a bit about creating calendar's in mds2 shall we?

I've been trying to get a calendar created FOR.EVAH.

And it just doesn't happen.  Why?

Well....the daunting task of trying to get the numbers into the grid was aggravating!  After a very brief search on http://mydigitalstudio.net however, I was relieved AND disgusted with myself.  The solution has been there this whole time, and I've been oblivious to it.

So....here are the deets:

Go into mds and open a calendar in the size you want.

Over on the right hand side - aka - Design Center, there is a drop down for Calendar.

You can fill your page with whatever month you are needing to fill it with.

You can opt for numbers, months, to have lines or no lines, etc.

You can also resize the image to fill your page, or to just take up a small portion.  Easy, peasy!

Watch this brief video on how parts of the Calendar Settings work:

You'll notice in my photo above that I've used a pair of mittens.  Those mittens are from Tag It - embellishments, and they started off RED!

Using this quick tutorial, I changed the color (using the Color Match option) to match parts of Aubrie's coat. And it was so easy!

I did the same with the washi tape on the actual calendar portion!

You can still download this amazing software on a trial basis (although it's limited!).  You'll quickly figure out that you NEED the full version!!  Go to my website to learn more!

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