Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Paper Players Sketch Challenge - #119

I'm a bit behind on posting my card for The Paper Players challenge.  Ran into a snag with some home improvements that we were working on over the weekend.  Isn't that how it always goes?  I started out painting the "playroom"and converting it into our family room. I picked Pool Party as a paint color and after I trimmed the room, my dear, dear hubby walked in and said that there was no way he'd live with that color.It was going to be a little much maybe.  I think I could have lived with it, but he put his foot down.  So, he drove to town the next day and got a new gallon of paint (my second choice).  And, I started over.  I also spent most of the day painting our, oh, so lovely, glittered popcorn ceiling.  Which apparently had never been painted.  It is now.  And it no longer sparkles.  And here my plan was to paint the ceilings in both the old playroom and the old family room all in one day.  It didn't happen.  And the old family room didn't (and hasn't) seen any new paint at all. It will be our new dining room.  The kids' toys?  They are going to the basement playroom and up to their bedrooms.  With a few exceptions.  I don't mind some toys in our living areas, but I'm tired of being inundated with toys underfoot.  And if you've ever stepped on a toy cow....it doesn't feel very good!  I has also wanted to get started on our new kitchen island - that I've convinced that dear hubby to build from an old dresser.  That didn't (and hasn't!) happen.  Sunday was spent scrubbing the wood floors, Cinderella style, moving furniture, and then going to my Grandma's for some trick-or-treating.  Monday was more cleaning and moving of furniture and catching up on laundry.  Today (Tuesday) finishing up treat containers for the boys' school parties.  It's when I wish Will's class wasn't so big.  He has the largest class in his school.  He was good about helping me tho when he got home from school.

So....onto this weeks card.  It had to be QUICK!  And it was.  Grabbed some patterned paper from Storytime and the Blue Ribbon stamp set.  I also stuck on some gems that I colored with a red Sharpie marker.  Easy peasy.  Stamp, punch, cut, layer and glue.  We're good to go!

Now....I'm off to catch some zzz's and then it's off to Alex's school tomorrow morning for his Halloween Party!  I'll be back tho.  Have tons of things to show you for my first ever 12 Days of Christmas Crafts, starting November 1st!!!  Fun Fun Fun!


Amy White said...

Perfect quick and simple birthday card Jen! Love the ribbon you've used as well as the little gems.

Anne Marie Hile said...

What?? You had a glittery ceiling and you painted over it? Lol! (You know I love some glitter...although on a ceiling it might be a wee bit much. Such a fun card! I love the cheery coors and the little pearl trio. :)