Friday, August 17, 2012

The Itsy Bitsy Spider....

I just had to have a little fun with this jar from Perfectly Preserved and the lil' spider from Googly Ghouls.  If you lived at our house, you'd realize that we spend a lot of time catching bugs in jars.  This isn't always for the faint hearted.  This summer I even went on my own little bug catching spree.  Well, not so much a spree....but I caught a fly type of thing in a jar just so I could show my hubby.  There was a humongo fly on our grill.  At first I thought it was some sort of bee.  It was seriously huge.  I'm sure it's body was about an inch long.  And then you need to add the wings onto that body.  The thing was coal black - wings and all.  I was seriously in awe.  Ya - I was a little bit scared to capture it.....but I held my ground.  I thought it would revolt and sting me or something or bite???  He went ballistic when I put the lid on it.

So....anyway....this card totally reminds me of what we do at our house - Catch bugs!

Sometimes, depending on the bug, we let them go....especially the butterfly types - of course!  A spider however, would probably be left to decease in said jar! (I know, poor things....but we've got a gazillion spiders on the farm - I think their existence will survive)  So, I thought is would be cute to let that spider out of the jar on the inside of my card.  You know I don't typically decorate the insides, so you are in for a treat today!

Alrighty - that's all I've got for you today!  In the meantime - Go Stamp Yourself  SILLY!!

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Cyndi G said...

so CUTE! And yes, I am getting weaker ... that Perfectly Preserved set will probably find it's way into my heart and shopping basket very soon!

LeAnne said...

This is as CUTE as can be....and I despise spiders.....I only kill them if they are inside, though....I know they're good for catching insects but NOT inside my house!!!

jaydee said...

Love them both.... but I am seriously in love with the first one!
I catch bugs... but that's just to take them outside. I just can't kill them. Well, the only exception to that is a mosquito when it bites me. Then it's gone :-)
Fabulous cards

Lyndal said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your gorgeous Halloween creations Jen!!!
Thanks so much for picking my card as A Cut Above too - MUCH appreciated :)