Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Digital Studio ROCKS!

Do you know all of the things that you can do with My Digital Studio?  Did you know that you can download a FREE 30 day trial of it?  Yeah - free!  I just wanted to show you some of the things that I've been listing over on my Etsy Shop!

Quite honestly, I've been having so much fun with MDS!  This software is a breeze to use and I'm finding that the possibilities are endless creatively.   I have a problem with watching TV at night - I can't.  If I sit down to watch TV - and I do - after the kids go to bed - I will fall asleep within 10 minutes of sitting down.  It never fails.  Unless.  I have something to keep me occupied.  That's where I love MDS.  I can sit down with laptop in tow and be creative and watch TV.  It's like doing two things at once. It drives my husband crazy.  "Can't you put that computer down?"  I can, but I might as well go to bed then.  I think he really just wants the 'puter so he can creep around on FB awhile!

There you have it!  These are some of the most recent things I've put up on my Etsy Shop.

One great thing I really love about MDS is the fact that there is a great support system -  There you will find video tutorials, samples for inspiration, a friendly forum, plus the entire catalog of images that are available to you!

Go check it out for yourself!  My Digital Studio

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