Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1st!

You know what that means, right??? You got it peeps - the new catty goes live today! Starting at noon, you can order anything new that your little heart desires! I can't wait! My top 5 list as far as stamps go:

Morning Cup - can't wait to have it. I drink coffee EVERY day - doesn't matter how hot it is out, I'm drinking it! I LOVE coffee - with flavored creamer of course! I'm thinking I can use this for gift tags for little giftables for my coffee loving friends, adorable cards and I've got a scrapbook page in my head that needs to be brought to life!

Broadsheet Alpha! So fun, can't wait to see what I come up with!

Word Play - what fun this one will be!

Cottage Garden - okay, at first I looked over this one. Then while thumbing thru for the ninteenth time, I read the phrase that comes with it - "Love life and it will love you back" Okay - totally my mantra! Plus I think I can do some sweet stuff with the flowers.

Just Believe - Again, a great phrase, and I like the images.....

and a sixth -

Countryside - I just have to have that pickup! I don't know what my obsession is with old pickups, but I do love them. Wish I had one for my front lawn - I would fill the back end with TONS of flowers!

Now, I'd give you my list of accessories and paper - but what's the point - I just want all of it!!!!!

Gotta run - have drool dripping from my chin just thinking of all the yummy goodness in the catty!

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JulieG said...

Already went through the catalog and marked what I tonight, Chris isn't back from helping pull a friend I will snuggle with my catty for a bit and make my wish list :D