Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Please pray!

I usually try not to get into too much personal stuff on the ol' bloggo - but I need to reach out this time.
Years ago, I was a nanny in Wilton, CT. A family I never had met welcomed me into their home, where I lived with them for 2 years. I took care of their two boys, and grew to love them like they were my brothers. They were adorable, and we sure had a lot of fun. I felt as tho I was part of their family for those two years, and for a time after until we lost touch. They took me on family trips, they showed me a life I would have never have seen, along with some beautiful parts of the country that I got to tour because of them. There were many memories made. Recently, thanks to technology, and Facebook, Julie - the mother - and I were brought back together and have reacquainted. She informed me that her oldest son had passed away in June of 2009 - on her birthday. A day that will now be celebrated in a new way for her. I was shocked, and for days after discovering this was very heart-stricken. I was feeling the sorrow that they had likely felt and had pushed through. This past weekend, on Father's Day, they lost their other son. I don't know all of the details yet, but I'm once again feeling that pain in my heart. Those boys were all too young, 22 and 21. While I know that God has a master plan, it just doesn't seem fair. I am thankful that those 2 adorable boys were a part of my life, and I feel honored to have known them. I may have not known them as the men they grew to be (they were 4 and 6 when I nannied them), but their young souls touched me in a great way and their family helped mold me into the person I am today. For that I am ever greatful!
RIP Timmy!!!! Please take the time to pray for his parents. They only have each other now to lean on and be strong. And remember to take time to enjoy what you have today!

Thanks for listening!

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Julie G said...

Oh Jen...sending a hug and a prayer for you and your friends! That's just so sad! and it's so true that we should enjoy the time we are blessed with as we never know what tomorrow may bring...may I ask, were they accidental or some genetic thing? That's just SO SAD. I remember when you had been working (probably more like living it up!) as a nanny, so long ago...I'm sure their mom is thankful to have had you as a part of their lives then and now!