Wednesday, January 8, 2014


What's not to be happy about?  I'm among several hundred women and a few men that share the same hobby as I do. 
I'm hoping to learn some great new tips and tricks. Hopefully I come back with some new ideas to keep all of you inspired. What am I saying?  I KNOW I'll come back with lots of ideas. 

For now I'll share one of my swap cards with you. 

 This uses that great new Starburst Sayings set and coordinating dies. Plus I threw in some sequin trim and splashes of sparkly spritz ( made with shimmer paint and rubbing alcohol).  

What do you think? Keep in mind this photo is unedited and when I took it things were dark and dreary in Iowa. My pictures then have a "color cast" to them that I can't remove from my phone. These seem to have pink cast.... Oh well!  

Don't mind that - just let me know whatcha think!  

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