Friday, February 26, 2010

Oh Spring, where are you???

I've noticed that the sun is staying high in the sky longer into the evening, and it's coming up a little bit earlier every morning....but I really want all of this snow to go AWAY! On Tuesday I had to call my husband and tell him that he needed to bring the tractor and blade back home, otherwise he wasn't going to make it up our lane, or I wasn't going to make it out! He kind of scoffed at me, but him and his brother went and got the tractor (which was being used on one of the other farms to load corn). He said that he barely got up our hill with his pickup (at 3 in the afternoon), and was airborn going over one of the drifts! I'm sure he loved it - he's a fan of Dukes of Hazard. He got back with the tractor around 5, and said he struggled getting up the lane then. Here's the kicker - it hadn't snowed a single flake - not ONE! The wind was so bad, it was blowing around what it could and had drifted us in. The next morning, I needed to get Will to preschool, and we had to wait for the lane to get opened up - so here's what we saw:
That poof is snow coming out of the snow blower. You can barely see the tractor to the right of the poof - that's our hill. The road looks pretty clear, but I assure you - where it curves (upper left in pic) there was a good size drift I had to go around.
I know I've posted some pics of this lonely little birdhouse before - I would say the drifts behind it are about 15+ feet now. There are some bushes behind them - you just wouldn't know it anymore! And that poor little evergreen in the foreground - well, it's 4 little brothers and sisters are buried for eternity!

So the pic above - while it might look like just a hill - it's not. See that little thing in the middle? Where the bright snow meets the shadowed snow? That's a platform bird feeder that is normally about 5 feet off the ground. It sits just a few feet away from that lonely birdhouse in the previous photo. SO - the day that all of this starts to melt....I think we'll have a lot of mud to contend with....but it'll all be good! And those poor soles on the East Coast think they have it bad - at least their snow melts fairly quickly. I've lived in Connecticut before, I've experience Noreasters - this has been one continuous Noreaster since Dec. 10th! Do not complain New Englanders - you've got it easy! I am glad that the sun has been shining at least!
Well, that's it for the latest's what you really came to see!

This little card I dreamed up - literally! at about 3:24am this morning. I think I layed awake in bed for about an hour thinking of how I was going to work this one....I ALMOST got up at 4:15 when I was still awake and just put it together. But I didn't. (I'm pretty sure my body is starting to prepare me for getting up in the night with the baby!)
I offset the inside to mimic the outside.
I just love that saying....
OH - and here's the outside in it's entirety:

You could say it's VERY clean and simple! I like the fact that it sticks with basic stamping, and I colored with SU! markers (Cameo Coral, Old Olive and Close to Cocoa). The "LOVE is die cut with Nestabilities as is the Cameo Coral scalloped oval behind it. The ribbon is the snazzy satin ribbon in Old Olive - found in the current mini catalog. I've almost used an entire roll of this stuff, I just love it so much! Then I stamped the little heart in the corner for a touch of sweetness. The one thing I love about this card - it's a love card, but it's not Valentiney (yes, that is a word - I know Mr. Webster used it all the time!).
What do you think??? I love when you leave me comments, so feel free to do so!


JulieG said...

This card is super cute...and your pics are great-yet depressing, cuz all this snow means one thing-MUD!!! You are totally enabling to buy MORE nestabilities!

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Editor said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for entering the Olympics of Stamping in the Moxie Fab World! :)